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Selected ARTICLES and REPORTS  within the topic


Journal of Baltic Science Education      A.Broks Editorial_JBSE Vol.13 No.6 2014


Int. project seminar in Iecava, 2013    A.Broks-Report material 6.11.13   Audio record follows –


Int. conf. in Siauliai , 2013    A.Broks Report ICT 24.10.13   Audio record follows –


IOSTE regional symposium in Riga, 2011  A.Broks-REPORT_IOSTE 2.12.11

Int. conf. in Siauliai, 2010    A.Broks_REPORT_Siauliai conf.,29.04.10

Debate in Gdansk, 2010     A.Broks_REPORT_Gdansk 2.02.10

IOSTE regional symposium in Siauliai, 2009      A.Broks_ARTICLE_IOSTE symp.Siauliai,2009

Int. conf. in Jelgava, 2009        A.Broks_REPORT_Jelgava conf.,2009

Int. conf. in Krakow, 2008        A.Broks_ARTICLE_Krakow conf.,2008

IOSTE regional symposium in Siauliai, 2007      A.Broks_ARTICLE_IOSTE symp.Siauliai,2007

IOSTE regional symposium in Tartu, 2006        A.Broks,A.Voitkans_ARTICLE_IOSTE symp.Tartu,2006

Int. conf. in S-Petersburg, 2005          A.Broks_ARTICLE_S-Petersburg conf.,2005

Article in Journal of Baltic Science Education, 2003       A.Broks_ARTICLE_JBSE No2(4),2003

Int. conf. in Vilnius, 2001           A.Broks_ARTICLE_Vilnius conf.,2001


My study course    SYSTEMOLOGY OF EDUCATION    (anno 1997)

INFORMATION for my foreign students

Hello dear colleagues! There is some general information about and for our study course SYSTEMOLOGY OF EDUCATION.

Course description              Sources of study materials         A.Broks_Editorial PEC_vol.24.2010        Syst.of Physics Ed.- 22.11.11

Following is more detailed author’s material when studying this course: 

PROLOGUE  (invitation to study course – goal and objectives of the course)   PROLOGUE

INTRODUCTION (what does it mean “systems thinking”, “systems theory”, “systemology”,  “education” and “systemology of education”?)     INTRODUCTION

PART ONE   (thinking Great Thoughts – about WORLD, HUMAN, SOCIETY, LIFE)

PART TWO (fundamentals of systems theory)

PART THREE (systems of education, analysis and synthesis of educational activities as well as of  the content of modern education  etc.)    PART 3

CONCLUSION (evaluation of course study results)



My material for topic EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS

  as a part of study  course GENERAL PHYSICS

Hello my dear foreign students from the faculty of  Medicine, University of Latvia! There is common background for fundamental as well as applied research of phenomena within Physics, Chemistry and Biology – it is observation of  actual bodies and processes. Today this observation very often includes  experiments and providing corresponding measurements of different properties . Because Physics today forms considerable scientific  basis of modern Chemistry and Biology, it is worth also for medical students to get acquainted with general concepts of Experimental Physics.  Modern medicine today  is fulfilled with corresponding measurements and it is very important to understand how do we obtain results of these measurements and how far we can believe them.

Following materials are used in my educational practice to develop our general understanding and comprehension of organization and realization of experimental research, providing measurements of corresponding physical quantities.

Academic year 2013-2014

Introduction to General Physics Lab        Introd. to GPL 13-14

Basics of Experimental Physics               Experimental Physics 13-14

Some pictures  –  2a GPL 19.02.14 01aGroup A photo 19.02.13