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My recent selected materials in English

Second International Baltic Symposium on Science and Technology Education (BalticSTE-2017) 12-15 June 2017, Siauliai, Lithuania                                                                                                                 A.Broks Plenary report material “Systems Thinking : joint philosophical and psychological basis for modern science and technologu education”    A.Broks Systems Thinking 15.06.17

 Twenty-third National Scientific-Practical conference “Natural Science Education in a comprehensive school 2017”, 21-22 April, 2017, Pakruojis, Lithuania                                                                                 A.Broks Report material “Thinking about Thinking”    A.Broks Thinking about Thinking 21.04.2017

New Year 2017  INVITATION to brainwork session “EDUCATION for TOMORROW”                                    A.Broks Invitation to brainwork “Education for tomorrow” 2017                                                     Corresponding audio and video records for download are available from  https://failiem.lv/u/u7yywffc

My recent publications 

A.Broks. GENERAL  REMARKS ON BASIC ACTUALITIES WITHIN OUR LIFE AND EDUCATION DURING FIRST 20 YEARS OF 21st CENTURY- Journal of Baltic Science Education, vol.19(5), 2020 (pp. 692-695).    A.Broks EDITORIAL JBSE Vol.19,No.5,2020

A.Broks. CHANGES ALL AROUND US AND WITHIN SCIENCE EDUCATION.  Proceedings of the 3rd International Baltic Symposium on Science and Technology Education (BalticSTE2019), Šiauliai, 17–20 June, 2019 (pp.35-40).     A.Broks Short paper BalticSTE2019

A.Broks  THINKING ABOUT THINKING: START-UP FOR MODERN EDUCATION FOR TOMORROW    Gamtamokslinis ugdimas/Natural Science Education, vol.13, No 3, 2016 (pp.94-95)                            A.Broks NSE vol.13(3),2016

Editorial_JBSE Vol.15(4),2016 :  A.Broks  SYSTEMS THEORY OF SYSTEMS THINKING – GENERAL AND PARTICULAR WITHIN MODERN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION (STE)                                           Editorial JBSE-vol.15(4),2016

Editorial_JBSE Vol.13(6),2014 :  A.Broks SCIENTIFIC THINKING  – THE  BACKBONE OF MODERN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION                                                                                                     Editorial_JBSE-vol.13(6),2014