Profesionālās intereses/Research interests


I have always been fascinated by the difference between everyday world as we see it around us and a world as it reveals itself at the level of atoms. Studies of quantum interference phenomenon allow us to understand better these peculiar and thrilling effects, when an atom can be simultaneously in several quantum states or even in several places in space. Of course, the proper way to describe this phenomenon is to say that an atom is just in a quantum superposition state.

Studies of interference phenomenon in molecules, when the angular momentum quantum number usually is large, provide a unique possibility to observe transition from quantum world with its capability for quantum interference to our everyday world where such interference becomes impossible.

Some recent and current areas of interest.

Quantum interference phenomenon in diatomic molecules.

Alignment to orientation conversion in atoms and molecules. Classical and quantum picture. Possible applications.

Nonlinear magneto optical effects in atoms – dark and bright resonances in nonlinear Hanle effect. Level crossing at nonzero magnetic field in case of strong laser excitation.

Magneto optical effects in extremely thin (d ~ 100 nm) cells.

Quantum state interference in transition from atoms to molecules (from quantum description to a description in terms of classical physics)

Relation between description of quantum coherence in terms of optical Bloch equations and in terms of rate equations for Zeeman coherences.

Coherent effect with incoherent light.

Nonlinear and linear quantum interference effects in an electric field. Possible applications for electric field mapping.