Magnet sensitive seals for water meters

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Magnet sensitive seals for water meters. Magnetic Field Indicator.

How  to protect a water meter against magnetic manipulation.

Prevent water thieving. Stop thieves from slowing down electricity counter by use of magnets. Stop thieves from cheating the water system.

Water meter protection with magnet-sensitive seals.

Stopping water meters. Cheating the water system. Prevent water thieving with magnet- sensitive seals.

These seals are sensitive to magnetic fields, intended for the protection of water meters. The majority of water meters used in the UK can be halted by attaching a strong magnet to it. Water thieves take advantage of this, and will attach magnets to the water counters, allowing water to flow freely without a price. Fortunately, there is a solution how to fight this increasingly popular water theft. In order to stop these thieves, an inexpensive magnetic sensitive seal can be placed on already established counters of water or gas to check for any magnets. This seal will fix any attempt to stop the water meter with a magnet.

Look the story from  Central Russian TV cannel NTV, now in English :

Initially the ring is well visible.






Then we approach the Magnet






After few seconds the ring beaks






And finally disappears







It will not restore after removing the magnet






Within the seal is a tight chamber with a transparent window in which a black ring is visible. Before the seal is damaged by a magnet, a white circle is easily visible within the seal. Once a magnet is applied to the seal, the white circle will disappear forever.


The seal is crafted intentionally so that it is impossible to restore the white circle.

Such infringement of internal structure of a seal will raise no doubts both for the tenant and for the inspector.

The magnet-sensitive seal also has a fastening system, to prevent it from being removed and  reinstalled.

There is small knot which cannot be untied without leaving rough visible traces on its polished enameled surface.


In addition, every seal has a unique number or code, to ensure that the seal has not been replaced.


Installing these seals onto the meters is simple and doesn’t demand any special skills.

It is made in Germany and Russia and protected by the patent.

Why can a water counter be stopped with a magnet?

Water counter (water meters)  consist of two isolated volumes: one for air and other for water. The counter’s mechanism is surrounded by air, while the turbine is in the water. Between air and water is a thin wall. Turbine rotation is transferred to the counter’s mechanism through this wall by means of two small magnets: one is fixed on the turbine, and the other is fixed on the counter’s mechanism.


It is always possible to disrupt these small magnets using a strong external magnet. Therefore, any counter can be stopped with magnet.


Some modern water counters have special protection screen which protects the water meter from an external magnetic field. However, even these modern counters cannot be protected against the field of a strong neodymium magnet, which can still penetrate through its screen. All it takes is a stronger magnet to thieve water from these counters. For the old water meters, ferrito-baric magnets have enough magnetic force, but an neodymium alloy magnet must be used to stop the modern water meters.

The magnet does not operate for every water stream, but the external magnet still lifts a tolerance threshold till which the water meter does not feel the motion of water. For example, if the water counter passes without rotation approximately 30 liters an hour, the application of the external magnet can rise this threshold at least three times, even for the advanced water meters with anti-magnetic protection but for counters without the built- in anti-magnetic protection, the tolerance threshold becomes tens times higher. Pilferers try to use a water stream below the tolerance threshold using only a thin stream, but magnet application allows them to make this stream thicker.


But there exist some counters made from only plastic?


Yes, such counters exist. But one must consider that water contains a lot of iron and calcium. Iron and calcium oxides sediments onto glass and within a month, the indicator will not be visible. Therefore such counters aren’t applied for water. They are primarily used for gasoline.


Is it possible to stop such fully plastic counter with a magnet?


It is indeed possible to stop fully plastic counter with a magnet. In this situation, liquid can be thieved by putting iron dust or a magnetic rust powder into the counter from an unsealed opening. Then a strong magnet can be attached to the counter to keep the powder accumulated in one place. When the turbine’s wing touches this small hill of powder, the turbine ceases to rotate.


If an inspection is done, the magnet can simply be taken away from the counter.


The powder is then washed away from the counter with liquid’s stream, leaving no traces.


The only way to fight against such schemers is our  magnet sensitive seal .


This magnet sensitive seal is protected by the patent.


These seals can be ordered from us today. The price is reasonable, and can be sent on demand.


Specifications of magnet sensitive seals

1. The function is based on irreversible destruction of the internal structure of the seal which is caused by an external magnetic field.

2. Typical threshold of magnetic field is 200 Gauss = 0,02 Tesla= 16000 A/m.  (Such sensitivity allows to indicate the magnet which is applied even from the other side of water meter. )

3. The response time strongly depends on strength of the magnetic field and can be in the range from 1 second to 10 minutes.
4. Falling from a height of 10 meters onto solid floor does not lead to seal’s blackening or loss of its qualities.
5. Freezing to – 20 degrees Celsius and the subsequent defrosting does not lead to blackening of the seal or loss of its qualities.
6. Heat to +50 degrees centigrade does not lead to blackening or loss of  its qualities.
7. Retention under water during 5 days does not lead to blackening of the seal or loss of its qualities.
8. Seal retains its sensitivity at temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius

9. The seal is not destroyed during long storage. ( Five years period was already tested on practic. Theoretical decay time can be about 20 years )
10. The seal is not sensitive to CB radio interference, solar magnetic storms, magnetic fields generated by mobile phones and computers. However, it is not recommended to carry out electric welding work closer than one meter away from the seal.
11. To put the seals on the protected water meter, enamelled copper wire is used. The end of copper wire must be threaded through a hole at the edge of the seal.  The end of the wire must be firmly tightened by knot. It is impossible to untie the knot without scrapping the enamel or leaving other visible traces.

12. Each seal has its unique number.

Protected by the patent.


Vladimirs Vorohobovs,




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