Teaching Experience (Selected Courses)


Cognitive Sciences (Level: BA/ MA/ Ph.D. Candidates);

Logic (Level: BA/ MA/ MSc. / Ph.D. Candidates);

Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences (Level: Ph.D. Candidates);

Cognitive Sciences in Communication Research (Level: Ph.D. Candidates);

Visual Perception: Methods and Theories (Level: MA)

Interdisciplinary Scientific Methods (Level: Ph.D. Candidates);

Logic and Mathematics for Communication Sciences (Level: MA, PhD Students);

Introduction to philosophy for Mathematics’ and Computer Sciences’ Students (Level: BA); Argumentation Theory (Level: BA / MA);

Mathematical Logic (Level: BSc);

Introduction to Semantics (Level: BSc);

Formal logic for Law (Level: BA);

Semantics (Level: BA / MA);

Introduction to Semantics for Mathematics’ and Computer Sciences’ Students (Level: BA);

Semantics of Communication (Level BA);

Mathematical Logic (Level BA);

Semantics of Indefiniteness (Level: MA);

Cognitive Semantics (Level: MA);

Theories of Semantics (Level: BA / MA);

Contemporary Theories of Semantics (Level: BA);

Gestalt Theory (Level: BA);

Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences (Level: MA);

Interdisciplinary Research (Level: MA)


MA-theses supervised: more than 35; PhD-theses supervised as the main supervisor: 7, (defended: 1); other qualification theses:  ~75; member of Ph.D. committees (also as a chair of committee) (in process): 7.


Consulting work in Departments of Linguistics, Philosophy, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Vision Science, Geography, a.o. I’m also an external supervisor (committee member) of a PhD to be completed in KU Leuven.